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Monday, August 23, 2010

PetVille Kibble Profit Guide

Kibble profit guide for PetVille. 

Orange Cream:

Time: 2 Mins
Cost: 10 Coins
Award: 20 Coins
Feeding Per Day: 720
Profit: 10 Coins
PPD: 7,200 Coins
Love: NONE
Love Per Day: NONE


Time: 2 Min
Cost: 5 Coins
Award: 10 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 720
Profit: 5 Coins
PPD: 3,600 Coins
Love: NONE
Love Per Day: NONE


Time: 5 Min
Cost: 15 Coins
Award: 35 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 288
Profit: 20 Coins
PPD: 5,760 Coins
Love: NONE
Love Per Day: NONE


Time: 2h
Cost: 25 Coins
Award: 95 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 12
Profit: 70 Coins
PPD: 840 Coins
Love: 30 Love
Love Per Day: 360 Love


Time: 2h
Cost: 50 Coins
Award: 180 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 12
Profit: 130 Coins
PPD: 1,560 Coins
Love: 30 Love
Love Per Day: 360 Love


Time: 4h
Cost: 80 Coins
Award: 320 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 6
Profit: 240 Coins
PPD: 1,440 Coins
Love: 30 Love
Love Per Day: 180 Love


Time: 4h
Cost: 40 Coins
Award: 160 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 6
Profit: 120 Coins
PPD: 720 Coins
Love: 30 Love
Love Per Day: 180 Love


Time: 8h
Cost: 75 Coins
Award: 275 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 3
Profit: 200 Coins
PPD: 600 Coins
Love: 30 Love
Love Per Day: 90 Love


Time: 8h
Cost: 150 Coins
Award: 590 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 3
Profit: 440 Coins
PPD: 1,320 Coins
Love: 30 Love
Love Per Day: 90 Love

Peaches 'N Cream:

Time: 12h
Cost: 100 Coins
Award: 340 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 2
Profit: 240 Coins
PPD: 480 Coins
Love: 60 Love
Love Per Day: 120 Love


Time: 12h
Cost: 200 Coins
Award: 800 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 2
Profit: 600 Coins
PPD: 1,200 Coins
Love: 60 Love
Love Per Day: 120 Love

Berry Swirl:

Time: 1 Day
Cost: 350 Coins
Award: 1,430 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 1
Profit: 1,280 Coins
PPD: 1,280 Coins
Love: 60 Love
Love Per Day: 60 Love


Time: 1 Day
Cost: 175 Coins
Award: 535 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 1
Profit: 360 Coins
PPD: 360 Coins
Love: 60 Love
Love Per Day: 60 Love

Mint Choco Chip:

Time: 2 Days
Cost: 300 Coins
Award: 780 Coins
Feedings Per Day: ½
Profit: 480 Coins
PPD: 240 Coins
Love: 60 Love
Love Per Day: 30 Love

Hugs 'n Kisses:

Time: 2 Days
Cost: 600 Coins
Award: 2,520 Coins
Feedings Per Day: ½
Profit: 1,920 Coins
PPD: 240 Coins
Love: 60 Love
Love Per Day: 30 Love


Time: 3 Days
Cost: 4 Cash
Award: 4,000 Coins
APD: 1,333 1/3 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 1/3
Love: 1,200
Love Per Day: 400

High Energy (HI NRG):

Time: 5 Days
Cost: 8 Cash
Award: 8,000 Coins
APD: 1,600 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 1/5
Love: 2,400
Love Per Day: 480


Time: 1 Week (Who needs a 1 week food?!)
Cost: 12 Cash
Award: 12,000 Coins!
APD: 1,714 2/7 Coins
Feedings Per Day: 1/7
Love: 3,600
Love Per Day: 514 2/7

[Guide provided by James1101R on the PetVille forums]

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How To Level Up Quickly in PetVille

Firstly if you want to go up levels quickly its important to have neighbours. Hop on here and go to the add me section. Lots of other people are looking for neighbours and will add you so you can play the game. More neighbours equals more clean ups and more coins. Also playing a game with each neighbour at the start of clean up gives you XP which equals going up levels. Also cleaning your neighbours pet with the soap equals going up levels for the xp you get.

Also make sure you keep checking the live news feeds on your own homepage. When someone wants you to adopt a pet, a neighbour goes up a level or they post that they have cleaned someones room this equals coins. 200 coins for clicking at the end of their post the link saying get bonus. Also the same goes for clean up 50 coins. You can get 2 clean up bonuses and 1 level up bonus in a 24hour period. Its also important that you yourself click the publish when you do a clean on each room. Dont expect everyone else to give you coins if you dont receiprocate. 

Changing your flowers in the vases. If I think I am going to be playing here for awhile I change the flowers every 2 hours. This equals coins and something many people seem to neglect on this site I have noticed. And or just dont know you can freshen the flowers and earn coins. If I am not on here i click the 12 hour flowers and get 300 coins per vase of flowers.

The only time I save my coins up to a large amount is when I want to purchase a new room or buy a car on here. Otherwise spend. Buying things in petville equals xp and going up levels. I changed my rooms furniture around alot. By clicking on your item in the lower part of the page in the storage area you have a sell button. Anything I didnt think I would use like the original old kitchens etc I sold. You dont get the same money you paid for the item originally but its a way to keep your house cleared out. I have found with this site people dont realise they can sell off their old items. They accumulate them in their rooms which equals slow loading of the rooms which tends to annoy other users and you will find people will just simply delete you if it takes to long for things to load. Xmas presents is a good representation of this. One of my neighbours in particular has about 200 or more plus presents. You can imagine only being able to open 5 per day and the rooms are loaded with them plus their old furniture layered over the top of each other. When clean up program runs it takes ages and ages to try and wait to do the clean up. So sell off your unwanted items or put them in the storage area provided

Good luck with the game. If I can think of any other things I do on here I will let everyone know.

P.s make sure also that you feed your pet on time. A well feed pet equals kibble bonus more money for you to spend.

[Guide provided by Kaz Mill on the PetVille Forums]

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How to redeem your game card in PetVille

To redeem the game card simply go into PetVille and click on the “Get Pet Coins & Cash” tab. Scroll down below the payment box where it has a link to redeem your gift card. Follow that link and enter your unique PIN code, found on the back of your gift card.

[Via PetVille official forums]

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PetVille 4 new rooms

There have been 4 new rooms added to PetVille bringing the total number of rooms available to 16 with an attic in your house. You get all the new rooms as you level up and this means all those new decorations being added to PetVille will now find themselves in new rooms. Users have had to tear down entire rooms to make way for new items and decorations. With the releases of the  new rooms it should clear things up and users will now have 4 new rooms to decorate and have fun with. With the new rooms users have more than enough space for their midnight crypt items and decorations.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

PetVille Premium Store Mystery Crates

Guide: Premium Store Mystery Crates!

Here is a guide of what to expect in each of the Mystery Crates found in the Premium Store. Feel free to post any items that you have received from a White Tigers crate that is not included on the list. You may also post any questions you have about the crates.

Mystery Crates now have their own department in the Premium Store. To access the department overview, simply click on the elevator icon located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Mystery Crates can be found on the top floor. 

Elegant Wings Crate (No Longer Available)

These are the first of the two wing crates. You receive an interactive closet to display your wings when you purchase your first crate. The closet can be located towards the end of your storage. There are 6 wings in this set to collect in all. Click wing names for pictures:

- White Gull wings
- Pink Faerie wings
- White Dove wings
- Pink Phoenix wings
- Pink Dragonfly wings
- Purple Butterfly wings

Rugged Wings Crate (No Longer Available)

These are the second set of the wing crates. You receive an interactive closet to display your wings when you purchase your first crate, which can be located towards the end of your storage. There are 6 wings in this set to collect in all. Click wing names for pictures:

- Grey Bat wings
- Blue Butterfly wings
- Brown Dragon wings
- Brown Phoenix wings
- Yellow Dragonfly wings
- Yellow Praying Mantis wings

Tails Crate (No Longer Available)

Tails do not come with an interactive closet like the wings do. Some will change colour to match your pet, while others will not to preserve the colouring on the tail. All tails are animated. There are 12 in all to collect. Click tail names for pictures:

- Lion tail
- Skunk tail *
- Lemur tail
- Poodle tail
- Monkey tail *
- Lil' Dino tail
- Cute Cat tail *
- Clever Fox tail
- Striped Kitty tail
- Snow Leopard tail
- Bird of Paradise tail *
- Stunning Peacock tail *

* Indicates tails that will not change colour when added to your pet

White Tigers Wonder Crate

The White Tigers crates are essentially sale crates. They contain the majority of the Pet Cash items that were sold in the original run but for a bargain price, as each crate will contain 3 or 4 items from the range. Click on the White Tigers items for HQ pictures:

- Tiger Cub
- Gold Lamp
- Large Fern
- Adult Tiger Soy
- Tiger Sculpture
- Seaside Balcony
- Elephant Balcony
- Private Pool View
- Colosseum Balcony
- Adult Tiger Petfreed
- White Elephants Table
- Golden Trimmed Rug Ends

Enchanted Crate

There are 8 enchanted items in all to collect, with one item in each crate. All enchanted items are beautifully animated and can be found in storage when purchased, except for the wand which will be in your wardrobe. Click item names for pictures:

- Magic Bed
- Magic Tree
- Magic Book
- Crystal Ball
- Magic Wand
- Magic Mirror
- Magic Castle
- Magic Flower

Pirate Crate

There are 7 items to collect, with one item in each crate. Unlocking the "Ship-in-the-Sea" backdrop will generate another crate to open revealing "Pirate Ship" flooring. Both can be found among your wallpapers and floors located at the end of your storage. Both are intended for regular room use only, rather than for use in your yard. Click item names for pictures:

- I-Land!
- Pirate Booty
- Sea Serpent
- Pirate Parrot
- Floating Ship
- Cap'n's Wheel
- Pirate Ship Flooring 
- Ship-in-the-Sea Backdrop

Tahiki Crate (No Longer Available)

The Tahiki Crates were available for a limited time only, and were essentially sale crates as the items inside were sold again in the Outdoors Store but at a higher price. Some of the crates included multiple items inside - All three tiki torches were unlocked from one crate at the same time of purchase, and the Chairona Lounger and Protecting Parasol were unlocked together as well. Click item names for pictures:

- Tiki Bar
- Tall Tiki Torch 
- Kanaloa Tiki Torch
- Bamboo Tiki Torch
- Wai Laguna Pond
- Chairona Lounger
- Protecting Parasol
- Lazy Day Hammock

[ Via: PetVille Official Forums]

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Friday, June 4, 2010

petville pets and the city crates

Pets and the city are a theme based. You know they are based on Sex and the City. Yes, PetVille has decided to up the spice of the game.These crates are all about sexiness and fashion. As the original Movie is about James Bond for women. Where the women are strong minded have the best partners and are bold and enjoy themselves.

Your pet gets 1 girlfriend, her three best girlfriends. There are 6 crates to collect. The first crate comes for 25 PetVille cash. So if you want Sex in the City stuff for your pet you need to have Pet Cash.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

PetVille Tahiki Weekend Give away 10,000 Pet Cash

PetVille has announced a 10,000 Pet Cash Weekend Giveaway. You enter your pet in the contest all you have to do is simply click on this link to enter. by clicking and entering you also get 1 pet cash. The contest is for three days and starts Saturday May 29 and ends Monday May 31. This is a must enter contest imagine what you can do with 10,000 pet cash.

To increase you chances please visit the PetVille Fan page everyday for the next three days.

Chances to win will be announced on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday on the fan page!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

PetVille Attic and Tahiki beaches now available.

All Attics have now been unlocked in PetVille. You do however need to be at level 10 at least before you can enter and play around. So if you have crossed level 10 and have gained entry into the attic you have a few surprises in store. You also need keys to enter Tahiki. Once you enter your attic to explore you are asked for keys to visit Tahiki. The beaches of Tahiki are locked unless you open them with the keys. 

How do you get keys the answer is very simple ask your friends. The locks are of different colors and you need the corresponding colored key to open it. We see yellow, blue, orange, green and purple locks and these are the colored keys you need to open the beaches of Tahiki. 

Once your friends send you keys they would be kept in your storage area. Click on the key and drag it to the lock to open. 

So go on now and unlock the magic doors.

Magic Doors are available only in your attic.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

PetVille New Blue Mystery Gift

PetVille has announced the all new Blue Mystery Gift that you can send to your friends. Each gifts contains more than 30 + unique items. The prizes found inside range from brand new lost toys, pet cash, colorful candles and more are to be found inside the new gift. Be sure to send your neighbours the new gift and beg them to send one back to you.

Blue Mystery Gift

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

PetVille Princess Fairies

Start you fairy collections now on PetVille. 4 new lost toys are now available in PetVille. To find the first 4 of the fairies you would need to look for Treasure Chests while looking visiting neighbours houses to find a Princess Fairy to share with your friends. Watch out for your friends post on their walls to find who has found a Princess Fairy. Lost toys can be posted and shared on your friends walls so keep a look out to start your Princess Fairy collection now.

4 of 12 are now available.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PetVille Get Out of The Pound Free

PetVille has decided to show some love and give all their players a free gift. Especially for those whose Pets have been sent to the pound. All this week players can get their pet's out of the pound for free.

Good news for all those users whose Pet has run away and in the pound. Pound fees can really add up and so since you can get your pet back for free this week, you can spend you Pet Cash on things like decorations and get your Pet's house some new goods.

Zynga's way of thanking all of us is a nice gesture and helps players get everything in order before this week ends.

Active players are not going to benefit too much from this free gesture but players who have given up becasue their pet is in the pound will definately be tempted to jump back into the game.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

PetVille Mimichu

PetVille has brought a whole list of gifts called the Mimichu collection. All items feature an adorable mouse with a pink ribbon.. Mimichu is definitely female and might be the cute little pink mouse. Adored by users.

Each Mimichu gift is available for two days only and as of today there have been three gifts released.

1. Mimichu Plushie

2. Mimichi Poster or the Mimichu wall clock

3. Mimichu Bobble Head

Available now to send to your friends from the free gifts page. Send Mimichu gifts to your friends and beg for one in return

Mimichu also has her own link of decorations that are available in stores now. Visit the furniture store to find the latest collection.

As each new gift appears we will update this post.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

How to hide or unhide PetVille on Facebook

How to hide PetVille updates from appearing on your News Feed.

1. Login to Facebook.

2. Hover over the PetVille update 

3. The 'Hide' button appears on the left hand side of the update

4. Click on Hide.

Once that is done you no longer have updates appearing on your News Feed

How to Unhide PetVille

1. Login to Facebook.

2. Scroll right to the bottom of your News Feed Home page

3. On the right hand side of the last News Feed you find the button 'Edit Options'

4. Clicking on 'Edit Option' brings up a list or people or applications you might have hid.

5. Find PetVille and click the button next to it which says 'Add To News Feed"

Your done, PetVille updates are back on your News Feed

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Friday, April 30, 2010

PetVille Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection

PetVille has announced that the Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection is available now. The collection boasts a lot of beautiful clothing and furniture from kimonos to kokeshi dolls. The Japanese Theme has arrived the PetVille. Users can now get the latest Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection for coins. 

The Japanese Cherry Blossom collection is here! Visit the furniture store today to find a beautiful collection with everything from kimonos to kokeshi dolls! With over *75* items available for coins, there are decorations that everyone will love!
Visit this link to see the new decorations now!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PetVille Smooch Fest and Warm Welcomer challenge

In keeping with it's weekly challenge tradition PetVille has launched this week's challenges. 1. Warm Welcomer and 2. Smooch fest. Once you complete this challenge you are rewarded with a special badge which comes along with it's own bragging rights.

petville two new challenges

1. Warm Welcomer. Requires you to visit a neighbor who has joined PetVille in the last seven days and given them a warm hearty welcome. If you get new neighbors to join works just as well. Sp gp ahead and visit all your new neighbors and welcome them it's that simple. 

2. Smooch Fest. Get ready to share the love. The challenge requires you to visit 10 neighbors in the next seven days and smooch them. To do this go to your neighbors house and click on the purple balloon icon on the left hand side of your screen. Which brings up the let's play screen. Select the lips icon that shows up and let the smooching begin. 

petville select kiss from the let's play menu

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

PetVille free blue watering can

Get a FREE Blue Watering Can to help you build your yard by clicking the link below! Visit your yard and click on the sign to use your materials or ask for more!

Visit this link to get a FREE Blue Watering Can!

Now who wouldn't want a watering can. How are your going to look after your yard if you do not have a watering can. Click the link above to get a free watering can and yes it comes in the color blue.

This is a Free Materials gift from PetVille and all you need to do is click on the link. With all the plants being introduced and the rain forest theme, is it any wonder PetVille had to release the free blue watering can?

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PetVille New Features Survey

PetVille in taking things to the next level has launched another survey this time to find out from it's users what new features they would like to see on PetVille. The game is always coming out with something new to keep users engaged and interested in the game sometime there are so many new features it becomes difficult to keep up. For now though there are the options of building your own furniture, interactive fish tank and a bathtub that your pet can jump in.

Users are also encouraged to give their own ides and maybe you should as your idea may be the next big thing on PetVille.

Here is the list of features you can choose from to see next on the game.

Planting and growing flowers
Mini-games to win prizes (Example: The Easter egg hunt game)
Build your own furniture
Interactive objects (Example: Click on the bathtub and your pet jumps in)
Interactive fish tank
Other - Have another idea you'd like to share? Tell us here!

To take the survey please click here.

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PetVille Next Theme Survey

PetVille has launched a survey to find the next theme. Users get a chance to vote for the theme they would like to see next on PetVille. When you go through the comments section on their Facebook page we see users have their own ideas for the themes they would like to see.

Some interesting ones we saw were Wizard of Oz, Berries, Dolphins and Historic Castle Theme.

Here is a list of the themes to choose from in the survey

Pirates & the High Seas
Vampires & Werewolves
Beach / Tiki
Outer Space
Wedding - Brides & Grooms
Seasons (Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall)
Victorian Era
Castles - Princesses & Princes
Wizard of Oz
Magic - Wizards & Dragons
French Rococo (Marie Antoinette era)
Fairies & Pixies
Pre-historic - Dinosaurs & Caves
Deer Mountain Lodge
Greek & Roman
Arabian Nights
African Safari

To take the survey please click here.

Now that you know the themes PetVille is experimenting with, what would be your choice for a theme.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Earth Day on PetVille

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. A time for people to show their appreciation of the earth and all it's beauty. PetVille has decided to bring rainforest and jungle decorations to your home. Rainforest and Jungle themed decorations are coming to PetVille unfortunately most of the good items will be available for Pet Cash. To ensure you have the bes earth day decorations you need to ensure that you have stocked up on Pet Cash.

From the picture below we can see that earth day decorations will include rainforest plants and trees, a hippo, tortoise and a horn bill. These exotic plants and animals will be available for you to convert your Pet's home into a beautiful green garden.

So how do you plan to support earth day and what decorations would you be using in PetVille?

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PetVille Mini-Cafe

Cafe World collectible gifts come to PetVille. You can now build your pet a mini-cafe right in your pet's home. There will be 10 collectible cafe-themed collectible items available over the next 20 days. Each item will be available as a free gift for 48 hours. The collection will include a chef, a mini-stove, a mini-table, mini-chair and a mini-sign as well. The way to receive these items as free gifts is to send them first to your friends with a wink or a nudge to get them sent back to you.

Each of the 10 limited edition gifts will be  available for 2 days only. Send them to your friends and hope your friends return the love and send some back.

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