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Thursday, May 27, 2010

PetVille Attic and Tahiki beaches now available.

All Attics have now been unlocked in PetVille. You do however need to be at level 10 at least before you can enter and play around. So if you have crossed level 10 and have gained entry into the attic you have a few surprises in store. You also need keys to enter Tahiki. Once you enter your attic to explore you are asked for keys to visit Tahiki. The beaches of Tahiki are locked unless you open them with the keys. 

How do you get keys the answer is very simple ask your friends. The locks are of different colors and you need the corresponding colored key to open it. We see yellow, blue, orange, green and purple locks and these are the colored keys you need to open the beaches of Tahiki. 

Once your friends send you keys they would be kept in your storage area. Click on the key and drag it to the lock to open. 

So go on now and unlock the magic doors.

Magic Doors are available only in your attic.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

PetVille New Trash

With PetVille's New Trash you pet has the eating habits of a college students. Gone are the apple core's you would find lying around. What you get now is tacos, chips, cheese, spilled open cans, fast-food pop cups, open soup cans, cereal and cracker boxes, milf cartons, Chinese take out container.

The box of cereal is the 50 trash coin item while the tacos get you 3 trash coins.

So head over now and clean your pet's home to earn lots of pet cash or let's call it trash cash in PetVille.

[Image Courtesy Zynga Forums]

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