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Saturday, May 29, 2010

PetVille Tahiki Weekend Give away 10,000 Pet Cash

PetVille has announced a 10,000 Pet Cash Weekend Giveaway. You enter your pet in the contest all you have to do is simply click on this link to enter. by clicking and entering you also get 1 pet cash. The contest is for three days and starts Saturday May 29 and ends Monday May 31. This is a must enter contest imagine what you can do with 10,000 pet cash.

To increase you chances please visit the PetVille Fan page everyday for the next three days.

Chances to win will be announced on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday on the fan page!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

PetVille New Blue Mystery Gift

PetVille has announced the all new Blue Mystery Gift that you can send to your friends. Each gifts contains more than 30 + unique items. The prizes found inside range from brand new lost toys, pet cash, colorful candles and more are to be found inside the new gift. Be sure to send your neighbours the new gift and beg them to send one back to you.

Blue Mystery Gift

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

PetVille Princess Fairies

Start you fairy collections now on PetVille. 4 new lost toys are now available in PetVille. To find the first 4 of the fairies you would need to look for Treasure Chests while looking visiting neighbours houses to find a Princess Fairy to share with your friends. Watch out for your friends post on their walls to find who has found a Princess Fairy. Lost toys can be posted and shared on your friends walls so keep a look out to start your Princess Fairy collection now.

4 of 12 are now available.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PetVille Get Out of The Pound Free

PetVille has decided to show some love and give all their players a free gift. Especially for those whose Pets have been sent to the pound. All this week players can get their pet's out of the pound for free.

Good news for all those users whose Pet has run away and in the pound. Pound fees can really add up and so since you can get your pet back for free this week, you can spend you Pet Cash on things like decorations and get your Pet's house some new goods.

Zynga's way of thanking all of us is a nice gesture and helps players get everything in order before this week ends.

Active players are not going to benefit too much from this free gesture but players who have given up becasue their pet is in the pound will definately be tempted to jump back into the game.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

PetVille Mimichu

PetVille has brought a whole list of gifts called the Mimichu collection. All items feature an adorable mouse with a pink ribbon.. Mimichu is definitely female and might be the cute little pink mouse. Adored by users.

Each Mimichu gift is available for two days only and as of today there have been three gifts released.

1. Mimichu Plushie

2. Mimichi Poster or the Mimichu wall clock

3. Mimichu Bobble Head

Available now to send to your friends from the free gifts page. Send Mimichu gifts to your friends and beg for one in return

Mimichu also has her own link of decorations that are available in stores now. Visit the furniture store to find the latest collection.

As each new gift appears we will update this post.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

How to hide or unhide PetVille on Facebook

How to hide PetVille updates from appearing on your News Feed.

1. Login to Facebook.

2. Hover over the PetVille update 

3. The 'Hide' button appears on the left hand side of the update

4. Click on Hide.

Once that is done you no longer have updates appearing on your News Feed

How to Unhide PetVille

1. Login to Facebook.

2. Scroll right to the bottom of your News Feed Home page

3. On the right hand side of the last News Feed you find the button 'Edit Options'

4. Clicking on 'Edit Option' brings up a list or people or applications you might have hid.

5. Find PetVille and click the button next to it which says 'Add To News Feed"

Your done, PetVille updates are back on your News Feed

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Friday, April 30, 2010

PetVille Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection

PetVille has announced that the Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection is available now. The collection boasts a lot of beautiful clothing and furniture from kimonos to kokeshi dolls. The Japanese Theme has arrived the PetVille. Users can now get the latest Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection for coins. 

The Japanese Cherry Blossom collection is here! Visit the furniture store today to find a beautiful collection with everything from kimonos to kokeshi dolls! With over *75* items available for coins, there are decorations that everyone will love!
Visit this link to see the new decorations now!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

PetVille New Features Survey

PetVille in taking things to the next level has launched another survey this time to find out from it's users what new features they would like to see on PetVille. The game is always coming out with something new to keep users engaged and interested in the game sometime there are so many new features it becomes difficult to keep up. For now though there are the options of building your own furniture, interactive fish tank and a bathtub that your pet can jump in.

Users are also encouraged to give their own ides and maybe you should as your idea may be the next big thing on PetVille.

Here is the list of features you can choose from to see next on the game.

Planting and growing flowers
Mini-games to win prizes (Example: The Easter egg hunt game)
Build your own furniture
Interactive objects (Example: Click on the bathtub and your pet jumps in)
Interactive fish tank
Other - Have another idea you'd like to share? Tell us here!

To take the survey please click here.

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PetVille Next Theme Survey

PetVille has launched a survey to find the next theme. Users get a chance to vote for the theme they would like to see next on PetVille. When you go through the comments section on their Facebook page we see users have their own ideas for the themes they would like to see.

Some interesting ones we saw were Wizard of Oz, Berries, Dolphins and Historic Castle Theme.

Here is a list of the themes to choose from in the survey

Pirates & the High Seas
Vampires & Werewolves
Beach / Tiki
Outer Space
Wedding - Brides & Grooms
Seasons (Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall)
Victorian Era
Castles - Princesses & Princes
Wizard of Oz
Magic - Wizards & Dragons
French Rococo (Marie Antoinette era)
Fairies & Pixies
Pre-historic - Dinosaurs & Caves
Deer Mountain Lodge
Greek & Roman
Arabian Nights
African Safari

To take the survey please click here.

Now that you know the themes PetVille is experimenting with, what would be your choice for a theme.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Earth Day on PetVille

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. A time for people to show their appreciation of the earth and all it's beauty. PetVille has decided to bring rainforest and jungle decorations to your home. Rainforest and Jungle themed decorations are coming to PetVille unfortunately most of the good items will be available for Pet Cash. To ensure you have the bes earth day decorations you need to ensure that you have stocked up on Pet Cash.

From the picture below we can see that earth day decorations will include rainforest plants and trees, a hippo, tortoise and a horn bill. These exotic plants and animals will be available for you to convert your Pet's home into a beautiful green garden.

So how do you plan to support earth day and what decorations would you be using in PetVille?

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

PetVille New Challenge - Bluebell, My Belle!

A new challenge is now available for you to complete! Plant 7 bluebell flowers in your flower vases this week in order to complete this challenge.

The pizza crust challenge has also been extended by one additional week. Keep hunting for those pizza crusts!

Work on your challenges now!

Tips for Bluebell challenge: Pets can have up to 4 vases total. The first 4 rooms in your house each come with 1 vase. Bluebells cost 50 Coins, earn 5 Love Points and wilt in 2 hours.

To buy flowers, find a vase in your pet's house and click it, just like you would the food bowl to buy food. A flower menu of sorts will open and bluebells are located at the top left of the screen.

 If you've unlocked additional rooms, many of them come with vases of their own that can be filled with bluebells. It is possible to own up to four vases in which case, this challenge can be completed in just two hours!

Work on your challenges now!

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PetVille Pet-sonality

Does you pet have a personality, is you pet outgoing and fun to be with. PetVille have announced Pet-sonality. Bring out your pet's character as it is. Maybe your pet is a troublemaker or a peace loving artistic and creative sort. Whatever is the character of your pet which would most probably depend on you, since so much of your character is rubbing of on your pet. Pet's will now have Pet-Sonality and free to mingle with other pets in the neighborhood. 

PetVille has not said much about this new feature other than that you can change your pet-sonality depending on the free treats your friends can send. 

Your pet will have their own pet-sonality! Is your pet outgoing? How about artistic? Maybe your pet is a troublemaker!

You will be able to change your pet's personality by feeding them free treats that your friends can send to you!

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