Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PetVille Get Out of The Pound Free

PetVille has decided to show some love and give all their players a free gift. Especially for those whose Pets have been sent to the pound. All this week players can get their pet's out of the pound for free.

Good news for all those users whose Pet has run away and in the pound. Pound fees can really add up and so since you can get your pet back for free this week, you can spend you Pet Cash on things like decorations and get your Pet's house some new goods.

Zynga's way of thanking all of us is a nice gesture and helps players get everything in order before this week ends.

Active players are not going to benefit too much from this free gesture but players who have given up becasue their pet is in the pound will definately be tempted to jump back into the game.

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