Monday, August 23, 2010

How To Level Up Quickly in PetVille

Firstly if you want to go up levels quickly its important to have neighbours. Hop on here and go to the add me section. Lots of other people are looking for neighbours and will add you so you can play the game. More neighbours equals more clean ups and more coins. Also playing a game with each neighbour at the start of clean up gives you XP which equals going up levels. Also cleaning your neighbours pet with the soap equals going up levels for the xp you get.

Also make sure you keep checking the live news feeds on your own homepage. When someone wants you to adopt a pet, a neighbour goes up a level or they post that they have cleaned someones room this equals coins. 200 coins for clicking at the end of their post the link saying get bonus. Also the same goes for clean up 50 coins. You can get 2 clean up bonuses and 1 level up bonus in a 24hour period. Its also important that you yourself click the publish when you do a clean on each room. Dont expect everyone else to give you coins if you dont receiprocate. 

Changing your flowers in the vases. If I think I am going to be playing here for awhile I change the flowers every 2 hours. This equals coins and something many people seem to neglect on this site I have noticed. And or just dont know you can freshen the flowers and earn coins. If I am not on here i click the 12 hour flowers and get 300 coins per vase of flowers.

The only time I save my coins up to a large amount is when I want to purchase a new room or buy a car on here. Otherwise spend. Buying things in petville equals xp and going up levels. I changed my rooms furniture around alot. By clicking on your item in the lower part of the page in the storage area you have a sell button. Anything I didnt think I would use like the original old kitchens etc I sold. You dont get the same money you paid for the item originally but its a way to keep your house cleared out. I have found with this site people dont realise they can sell off their old items. They accumulate them in their rooms which equals slow loading of the rooms which tends to annoy other users and you will find people will just simply delete you if it takes to long for things to load. Xmas presents is a good representation of this. One of my neighbours in particular has about 200 or more plus presents. You can imagine only being able to open 5 per day and the rooms are loaded with them plus their old furniture layered over the top of each other. When clean up program runs it takes ages and ages to try and wait to do the clean up. So sell off your unwanted items or put them in the storage area provided

Good luck with the game. If I can think of any other things I do on here I will let everyone know.

P.s make sure also that you feed your pet on time. A well feed pet equals kibble bonus more money for you to spend.

[Guide provided by Kaz Mill on the PetVille Forums]

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