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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FarmVille Spring Basket

FarmVille's spring themed feature the new spring basket allows you to collect spring eggs (easter eggs) from your friends and redeem them for special items. (calls easter eggs. spring eggs because not all of their users celebrate easter).

This feature works exactly as the valentine's day box and the pot of gold.

How this feature works.
On opening your gift box you will find a spring basket waiting for you. After you place the spring basket on your farm you will be able to start collecting spring eggs. In order to collect spring eggs you will have to receive them from friends as gifts. Eggs can be sent to neighbors via the free gifts page. You will also be able to find eggs while fertilizing a neighbors farm. Clicking the "Asked For Eggs" button will allow you to send a single spring eggs to any of your friends just like the free gifts page. This gives you friends the chance to send you one in return. New farmers having been around for seven days or less can send out more eggs at a time. New farmers can send three spring eggs to a single friend. Upon accepting a spring egg it will appear in your gift box. Clicking "Use" will place the gift in your box automatically.

Every five spring eggs you collect you'll be able to post a feed to your wall to alert your friends of how all your doing and give them a chance to collect a free spring egg. Ten neighbors will be able to collect one free spring eggs by clicking on the feed within 24 hours. For each notch on the meter of your spring egg progress bar you basket will change appearance. Over flowing with more and more gifts. Clicking "Progress" in the spring basket menu will show you how many eggs you have in comparison to your friends.

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