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Monday, August 27, 2012

Find the lowest prices for items online using PriceBlink

PriceBlink helps you find lowest prices online when you shop
Image Credit: PriceBlink

Web App PriceBlink works on a very cool concept when added to your browser. Let's say you are shopping on Target for an item; once you're on the product page, a PriceBlink popup will appear below your URL bar with similar items it might have found for a lesser price. It works on the concept of price comparison - without you having to physically search all online retailers who have the same or similar item for a much lesser cost. The app itself is non-intrusive meaning it just stays hidden in your browser and does not appear until you go shopping. Once you start searching and find an item you want to purchase it will automatically search for the same product online and give you a better deal. The deal must be available but it does cut down a lot of time and if you are a bargain hunter and want to shop for things with the lowest price this one is for you.

It works well with Chrome, Safari, FireFox and IE - simply install the app and let it do the work of finding great deals for you. In addition once you land on a merchants store online it will also search for coupons that might be available. So if you are shopping on PriceBlink will show you the best coupons available and you can get it with only a single click. The app is smooth and works silently in the background, PriceBlink works with most of the online stores available and is able to get you the best discount deals. If you give it a whirl, do let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.
Get PriceBlink now - automatically finds lower prices when you shop. 

Check out the video below to know more.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shopcade: Use Facebook to shop, find deals and purchase stuff

So in the mood to shop. You can do so sitting in front of your favorite social network - Facebook, and shop along with all your pals. Using Shopcade you can browse through stuff that gets updated real-time and write you recommendation on the same. Discuss it with your friends before you decide to buy anything. 

Shopcade: How does it work
Once you visit the App on Facebook you can begin to browse through categories like, Books, Music, toys Gifts, Travel and Tickets. Browse till you find the right product and then click on the 'Buy Now' link below the product. You will be taken to the merchant's website where you can make the final payment and get your item. The thing about Shopcade is that you can find all the items available on the internet in one place and therefore there is no need to visit multiple sites. There are also some fantastic deals to be had. Shopcade is presently available only in the US and the UK. 

Once you have a list of your favorite brands and items you can then create a personalized Shopcade to share with your friends. Social Shopping is all about the power of group recommendations and with Shopcade you can do just that. 

Some of the features and benefits of Shopcade:

Shopcade allows users to share products from a wide range of categories including; fashion, beauty, tech, music and apps. Some notable features of Shopcade include:

o   Top-trending products – Easily see which products are currently most popular across different categories among your friends or in the whole community;

o   Top-trending Shopcades – Find out which Shopcades are most popular across different categories, among your friends or in the whole community;

o   Easy discovery – Discover which products your friends and the community are sharing, or filter by exact categories and brands you want to see;

o   Mutual rewards – When you buy via another Shopcade, both sides are rewarded with real cash;

o   Personalised recommendations – In addition to your friends’ recommendations, Shopcade also recommends products to you based on your Facebook “likes;”

o   Personal URL – Personal Shopcade URLs allow you to place your Shopcade on your blog and other social media channels.

Visit Shopcade on Facebook now to start shopping. Don't miss out on the deals to be had for Christmas this year. 

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to shop in Petville.

How to go shopping in Petville.

If you would like to go shopping in Petville for new furniture, clothes, hardware and costumes and buy, something this is what you would need to do.

1. On the lower left hand corner of your Petville screen click on the world icon.
2. Dialog box opens showing you various places you can go to in Petville
3. On top of the dialog you will see icons for the Clothing store, Furniture store and Hardware store.Simply click on the store you would like to visit.
4. Choose an item you would like to buy and click on it.
5. A dialog opens confirming your intent to purchase the item.
6. Click 'Buy' to purchase the item of click 'Cancel' to return to the store
7. If you take your pet along to the store click on an item to see how it fits your pet. Some item are full pieces of clothing which other simply cover one half of your pet.
8. Once your satisfied and buy a piece of clothing it will immediately go into your wardrobe.
9. Hardware and Furniture items bought in the store are automatically placed in your storage
10. To use Hardware and Furniture item in-game click on your 'Storage' icon and then drag the item into your house

Love points are added for every purchase you make. An average of 1 love point for every 10 coins you spend

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