Monday, August 27, 2012

Find the lowest prices for items online using PriceBlink

PriceBlink helps you find lowest prices online when you shop
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Web App PriceBlink works on a very cool concept when added to your browser. Let's say you are shopping on Target for an item; once you're on the product page, a PriceBlink popup will appear below your URL bar with similar items it might have found for a lesser price. It works on the concept of price comparison - without you having to physically search all online retailers who have the same or similar item for a much lesser cost. The app itself is non-intrusive meaning it just stays hidden in your browser and does not appear until you go shopping. Once you start searching and find an item you want to purchase it will automatically search for the same product online and give you a better deal. The deal must be available but it does cut down a lot of time and if you are a bargain hunter and want to shop for things with the lowest price this one is for you.

It works well with Chrome, Safari, FireFox and IE - simply install the app and let it do the work of finding great deals for you. In addition once you land on a merchants store online it will also search for coupons that might be available. So if you are shopping on PriceBlink will show you the best coupons available and you can get it with only a single click. The app is smooth and works silently in the background, PriceBlink works with most of the online stores available and is able to get you the best discount deals. If you give it a whirl, do let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.
Get PriceBlink now - automatically finds lower prices when you shop. 

Check out the video below to know more.

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