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Reddit gets two new tools for Fundraising and Charitable giving

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Reddit has been quite successful in giving Redditors' an opportunity to give and support charitable causes on the site. This is typically what crowdfunding is all about - not in the sense to raise money for a project bu to support a charity or an organization that Redditors' care about. Specially true for many nonprofits projects in particular. When you decide to support a project or a cause and you're willing to give money for it. The best thing that can happen is that there are low fees or no fees attached to it - ensuring that almost all the money given by Redditors actually reach their destination. Not getting lost in payment fees and other transactions. Also there need to be effective fraud checks in place so people can be more confident that there aren't supporting some fraudulent scheme. With this in mind Reddit have announced two new tools that can be easily integrated by mods into their subreddits.

Use these two tools if you're wondering how to setup a Fundraiser on Reddit.

1. Crowdtilt - this is the first tool that has been announced, it can be used for a Reddit meetup or any other purpose. Takes just about 30 seconds to integrate and can accept contributions globally. Some of the other highlights are that it has been a joint development between Reddit and Crowdtilt staff. The platform is good for nonprofits and NGOs around the world as it can provide tax-deductible receipts, anyone with a US bank account can receive money - more country options to be added soon. In addition Crowdtilt will be charging a low fee.

2. RedditDontate - This one is brand new, and really easy to set up. Simply go to Reddit Donate and choose your Reddit status -users, mod or nonprofit. Click the button and you're ready to go. Reddit Donate was created by a handful of Redditors at Dwolla and in partnership with Stripe. Once of the best reasons for mods and users to use Reddit Donate is that it offers almost a loe or no fee at all for transactions.

The idea of fundraising is not over at Reddit as they have announced that they are in talks with other companies as well. To offer the best possible solutions to raise money on Reddit and make sure all the money reaches the concerned parties. Also eliminating fraudulent schemes from the - Front page of the internet. So the next time you want to raise funds for  a cause that is close ot your heart, maybe a cancer patient needs aid, a homeless person needs shelter, an animal shelter needs funds, maybe people in Africa can do good with your money. Use the two options mentioned above to setup your fundraising campaign easily on Reddit.
Source: Reddit Blog - you can also learn more by following the discussions on Reddit about these two payment options. 

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