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Monday, April 5, 2010

PetVille 10,000 Pet Cash Winner

With all the speculation of the PetVille pet cash offer for where all users had to do was click on a link and enter the drawing. Since the winner was supposed to be announced on April fool's day and the contest was launched just a few days before April fool's day. There was a lot of speculation that this might just be an April fool's joke played by PetVille.

People writing about it really wondered if they would give away 10,000 in Pet Cash. The PetVille pet cash giveaway was considered by many people as just a big joke but apparently it did not turn out to be so. There is a winner and the winner and his Pet are the recipients of 10,000 in Pet Cash.

For those of you who are not familiar with PetVille. Pet Cash is what is used to buy either PetVille Coins or PetVille Cash. Some items are sold on PetVille for real cash making this one of the richest social games on the web right now.

The happy winner of that Pet Cash  is Pawal S and his pet Puszek.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to earn Petville coins without paying real money for them.

Earning coins in Petville is easy, just demands a little effortt. Following are a few tips on how you can earn more coins.

1. By Washing your pet. There is a pink bar of soap pick i up and scrub your pet. You will get love
2. Feeding your pet. When your pet gets hungry you know the sign that say "Feed Me". Choose to feed them according to how long you are going to be away to avoid your pet from running away.
3. Visit your friends pet's and interact and play with them. Visiting Neighbors and playing with them will definitely earn you some coins.
4. Sell furniture and other item's. Before you sell though be sure your reall don't need those item's as they sell for much less that what you pay to buy them again.
5. Cleaning. Go around cleaning your rooms and maybe even your friends house and clean up all the Banana peels etc. You will be rewarded with an "All Clean, Good Housekeeping Bonus".
6. replace flowers in your vase. Every room in your house has a vase simple replace the flowers and earn some coins.
7.Treats. You and your frineds can share teats, when you get a treat feed it to your pet and earn some coins.
8. Play games with your pet. For each level you finish you will gain some coins. One of the best ways to earn Petville coins. Do not miss playing Bubble Pop. You get Petville coins for every round your beat.
9. Clean your neigbhours pet. If you visit your neigbhours home and find soap then you can clean their pet and earn coins.
10. Make sure your pet finishes their food. Once you fill your pet's bowl full of food it starts to eat and a timer comes and you must make sure your pet finsihes their food and you can earn coins.,
11. Keep an eye on your pet's food once they finish you get a gem click it and it will turn into a coin.

There are a number of ways to get coins in PetVille.

  • Feed Your Pet from the Food Bowl

  • Pick up trash in Your Home and in your Neighbors’ Homes

  • Clean Your Pet and your Neighbors’ Pets

  • Play (dance, high five, etc.) with your Neighbors’ Pets

  • Put fresh flowers in your Flower Pots

  • Feed Your Pet and your Neighbors’ Pets Treats

You may also purchase Coins directly using your credit card or your PayPal account.

You can purchase Coins at the PetVille Bank, or by clicking the Add Coins link in the upper left-hand corner of your PetVille screen. 

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