Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups

This question is often asked by people who want to start a community thing on Facebook and have trouble deciding whether they need to start a group or a page.

One of the key differentiators between a page and a group is that a page is made more for public broadcast and it mainly run public figures and organizations to share info with this fans. A group however is more to do with community sharing and discussions around a particular topic by it's members.

This is basically the whole idea. Fan Pages however are created by people who like to share information about their fans and actually helps in generating more publicity.

If let's say you have started a new small business then you might want to create a page. Like if you have a hot dog stand and you want people to know you have special offers and maybe you move around quiet a bit then a page should do. But if on the other hand you want to discuss climate change in how to stop global warming, a group would serve the purpose as each topic can be discussed in detail.

There is however not much by way the setup when it comes to discussions. When you post something new to a group or a page members get the same three options. Comment Like Share. So pretty much follows the same rules of engagement.

Pages on Facebook however do get nice URL's whereas groups do not. Extra applications can be added to pages but not to groups. Facebook will also send visitor statistics for pages but not for groups. Facebook pages also have the option to be promoted via social ads on Facebook.

Pages have two walls one for the owner to write and the other for fans to write on. Pages also have tabs that help uncover more information.

Facebook with it's new change in it's button tag from "Become a Fan" to "Like" has changed the game around and you can now join any group or page by clicking the like button. Which pretty much does the same thing. Shows all you friends that you support either this page or this group and so we can conclude that. Pages work well for public figures like celebrities to keep this fans updated and informed. Groups cater more to social discussions wherein people can gather around a social cause, need, car and bike discussions etc.

Ferrari however would have a Page and not a group. Fans of Ferrari would revel in a group where other fans can come together and discuss.

Create a Facebook page.

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