Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Microsoft's Kin Trying to catch the mobile social networking wave.

With the release of Kin One and Kin Two Microsoft seeks to ride the mobile networking social wave. Unlike other phones that treats Twitter and Facebook as separate applications. Kin has at it's heart social networking. Seeking to keep the phone a hit between the age group of 15 to 30 which the company refers to as "Generation Upload" Microsoft unveils more of the project pink details. The Operating System that the company uses for Kin is called OS for Kin a derivative from Windows Phone 7. The Kin will have Verizon as it's exclusive mobile carrier in the US.

The Kin's seriousness about social networking is very apparent in the devices which focus more on Texting, Tweets and Status updates.

There is however no room for additional App's such as the iPhone and the BlackBerry. The Kin will be available sometime in May. Both models of the Kin will have Zune HD built into the device and users can sync the device to their PC to add music and movies onto Kin's internal storage.

The Kin can tap into Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Windows live.

With a piece of code available on the Kin you can transfer music and photos from iTunes and iPhoto onto a Kin device. This will not work with music that has Apple's digital rights protection management system on it.

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  1. wow really a nice technology and we never need to sit on the pc and then update your status we just need to get the device and then we will be able to text and update the status.
    it's really a nice thing..