Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Facebook you must now link to pages or sections of your profile will remain empty

Facebook has now announced that a lot of your info will not be available if it is not linked to a page.

"Uncheck any Page you don't want to link to. Linking to education and work Pages may also create additional Pages, such as for your major or job title. If you don't link to any Pages, these sections on your profile will be empty. By linking your profile to Pages, you will be making these connections public."

"If you don't link to any Pages, the following sections on your profile will be empty:

Work and Education
Current City
Likes and Interests"
Where did some of my profile information go?

The sections of your profile now link to Pages that reflect your interests. You haven't added any yet, but we matched your current profile info to related Pages.
So these are some of the sections of your profile that is going to remain empty if you do not link to facebook pages. Once you link to a facebook page your connections will be made public.
This is one change that is sure to cause panic among users concerned about their privacy.
let us know what you think.

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