Friday, May 28, 2010

ModNation Racers Drifting Guide

"ModNation Racerrs" the PSP and PlayStation 3 exclusive Karting game has a new dose of adrenalin. It has now made it's way to the PSP storefront with more action and tricks to keep users glued to the screen. 

ModNation Racers ($29.99) has made its way to the PSP storefront. The kart-racing game affords players the ability to create vehicles and characters and put their skills to the test against up to five others in both ad hoc and online multiplayer modes. In addition, those with the PS3 version of the racer can now pick up smaller pieces of ModNation Racers-themed downloadable content, including a Super Nova Kart ($.99) a Van Mood Mod ($.99), and a bundle of the two ($1.75).

How to drift in ModNation Racers.

Drifting 101. Start the drift in the direction you want to go, then immediately go in the opposite direction to straighten out your drift line. Now all you have to do is just tweak your line by moving left or right around lazy turns, sharp curves or short straightaways! Pro-tip: Boosting while drifting is what separates the Sunday drivers from the real karting experts.

Always keep an eye out for shortcuts. They cut down your lap time and almost always have some type of reward for taking them. Just beware of any track hazards on these wild stretches of the track!

Learn to master the takedown maneuvers. Sideswiping is key to maintaining your position in the pack or gaining positions. There's no weapon warning indicator for the good old "trading paint" maneuver! Also, exclusive to the PSP, you can unleash devastating area of effect Stomp attacks to punish multiple opponents at once!

Always keep enough on your boost meter to throw up a shield. Learn the sound and timing of your weapon warning indicator to know exactly when to shield to absorb a weapon hit!

Don't get too risky with your maneuvers. If it looks like your drift line is going to take you slamming into a wall, release the drift so you can keep the boost points you've already accumulated. Same goes with spinning; don't get too aggressive out there or you might end up facing the wrong way for trying to squeeze in that extra spin!

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