Friday, May 28, 2010

YouTube introduces Moderator and how it helps channel owners

YouTube has launched Moderator. Opening new avenues for channel owners to interact with their audience in a more direct manner. Up until now the only way people could interact with a channel was through the comments section and channel owners could not easily interact with their audience en-mass. 

Now channel owners can ask questions to their audience and poll votes. Giving them the next idea and clue as to what video to create and upload next. The audience can also submit their reviews and ideas to channel owners thus increasing communication between channel owners and their audience.

Channel owners who spend time, money and  energy creating videos are sure going to love this new feature as it brings about a more personal feel to the whole thing. Channels will begin to make more sense with this new feature. Gives those users who really have something good to say a chance to be heard and seen.

Here's a video that shows you how this new feature works.

[Image courtesy TechCrunch ]

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