Monday, June 7, 2010

Apple adds Microsoft's Bing to iPhone 4, joining Google and Yahoo

There were many rumors the Apple may make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone. During the WWDC we learned that, that is not so. Bing will join Google and Yahoo and now has the blessings of Apple to be a part of the Mobile Search revolution. Despite Bing's best efforts people refuse to leave Google Search and use Bing. After all looking at it logically why will people leave Google and go to Bing. They have not come up with anything new and they don't have a new killer App that brings something new to search. If anything they have a very restricted search which cannot be called search at all.

Basically they have this big directory with some sites already added and when you search Bing all you get is results from these few sites. which means that Bing is not a search engine but just a directory. A search engine needs to have intelligence. So Bing fails when it comes to innovation.

For those who still like to use it it will be available on the iPhone 4.
According to analytics firm StatCounter, Google occupied some 97.83 percent of the global mobile search-engine market by June 7, with Yahoo claiming 1.19 percent and Bing following in third with 0.38 percent. In the U.S., those numbers were virtually identical: Google held 97 percent, followed by Yahoo with 1.9 percent and Bing with 0.75 percent.

We are just wondering how long's it's going to be before Apple enters the search business.

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