Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Empire Town Restaurant, Royal Theater and Village Bakery

My empire has announced that these three new buildings have been requested by their users for sometime now and they have complied. The new Town Restaurant, Royal Theater and Village Bakery can now be built for coins. This will definitely increase happiness among your Town's people. The good thing is that these building are available for coins which makes it easier to start construction immediately. The Village bakery can be unlocked at any level. The Town Restaurant needs level 8 minimum and and the Royal Theater needs level 17 minimum. So get going and if you are still lagging behind in levels be sure to add some neighbors and work you way quickly up levels. 

Since all this comes for coins and not PlayFish (PF) cash.

To access the buildings click on build and then click on Happiness.

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  1. I have level 17 and I cannot build the royal theater. why?