Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PetVille New Tahiki Decorations are out

PetVille now has an all new range of Tahiki decorations. The new items include mermaids, tropical drinks, new swim wear, tropical plants, a dinosaur, gorillas. To purchase any of these items you need to first unlock Tahiki available in your Attic. 

This is incentive enough for all PetVille players to work hard on opening Tahiki. Tahiki is available in your attic and locked with a set of colored keys. You would need to ask your friends to send you those matching colored keys to be able to open the beaches of Tahiki. Allowing you and your pet unlimited summer fun all through the year.

You can also dress you pet as a life guard on the beach and have your own lookout post. The surf boards and jet ski are awsome. To visit the all new Tahiki store please click here http://zyn.ga/Gg 

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