Friday, June 25, 2010

PetVille Weddings Love Is In The Air

The month is June is the wedding month and Zynga have launched a whole collection of wedding items in the outdoor store.  Wedding gowns, tuxedos, decorations, and everything that you need to have a beautiful wedding are in stores now. The wedding items contain everything you might need to create a truly magical wedding. With the Wedding Isle, clothes, food, cake, wine and what have you. Everything is now available to create the perfect wedding experience in PetVile. Love is in the air and it's showing in PetVille.

The Wedding Items Include.

Dove on Branch, Facing Right - 13 Pet Cash
Wedding Guests, Groom's Side - 17 Pet Cash
Sunkissed Castle Scene - 25 Pet Cash
Perfectly Cut Grass - 5,000 coins
Wedding Ceremony Table Up - 6,000 coins
Chicken Dinner Up Close - 3,000 coins
Glass of Red Up Close - 2,800 coins
Rosy Table Setting - 12 Pet Cash

Aisle of Cherry Blossoms - 24 Pet Cash
Wedding Candle Up Close - 2,200 Pet Cash
Bottle of Sparkling Red Up Close - 3,600 coins
Dove in Cage - 16 Pet Cash
Wedding Ceremony Table - 6,800 coins
Potted Flowers, Brides Mix - 14 Pet Cash
Left Border Bouquets - 8 Pet Cash
Carpet of Blossoms - 5 Pet Cash
Bride and Groom's Archway - 20,000 coins
The Wedding Aisle - 10 Pet Cash
Carpet of Blossoms - 5 Pet Cash
Wedding Ceremony Table - 6,800 coins
Wedding Cake Table - 5,200 coins
Triple Tiered Wedding Cake - 18 Pet Cash
Wedding Guests, Brides Side - 17 Pet Cash
Pretty Posey Bridesmaid Dress, Blue , Pink, and Purple- 8,000 coins
Pretty Posey Heels, Blue, Pink, and Purple- 3,000 coins
Pretty Pink Hair Rose - 5 Pet Cash
Something Blue Hair Bow - 4,200 coins
My Amore Dress - 7,800 coins
Blue Belle Wedding Dress - 27,000 coins
Blushing Bride Veil - 10 Pet Cash
Blushing Bride Wedding Dress - 15 Pet Cash
I Love You Heels - 4,000 coins
Onyx Hair Clips - 1,800 coins
Romantic Rose Bouquet - 10 Pet Cash
Vintage Layered Wedding Dress - 26 Pet Cash
Wedding Guest Table - 6,000 coins

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