Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apple to have an iPhone 4 press conference Friday

Apple has announced via their official spokesperson Steve Dowling that a press conference will be held at their headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. Amid mounting pressure from consumer forums and their stock dropping by 3 percent. Apple has decided to go head-on with this issue and address any public concerns. He did not mention who would be speaking at the conference. So Whether Steve Jobs will address the gathering is quiet unsure. 

The problem as reported by many irate iPhone 4 uses is that is the phone is held in a certain way as to block the notch connecting two antennas on it's lower left side. The signal strength drops and renders the phone unusable.

Wheather this is entirely trus is not clear and many iPhone 4 users say they have never experienced a single dropped call.

Here's some humor on the whole fiasco by none other that David Letterman. Once he steps in then you know your problem is generating a lot of Buzz and needs to be address.

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