Thursday, July 29, 2010

What is Yahoo Giggles

It seems companies are trying all kinds of things to boost their marketing efforts and sales. Yahoo is not far behind. We think these days everybody is inspired by the Old Spice Man campaign seen on Twitter and YouTube. Sales for Old Spice have gone up 107% after that campaign of theirs. Online ad spending will see double-digit growth, reaching $61.8 billion worldwide this year and $96.8 billion in 2014. 

Yahoo also seeks to join the bandwagon of viral content. yahoo Giggles is something so simple but set to drive a lot of internet traffic to their homepage. Just go to and click on the exclamation mark next to the Yahoo logo. Remember to tun the volume up on your computer first. If this does not bring a smile to your co-workers faces Yahoo says your working in the wrong organization. 

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