Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cafe World New Dish Pita and Dolmas

Cafe World has just introduced new hippi stuff to decorate your cafe with. There are a lot of new hippe itmes you can get for your cafe. Alone with the new hippi items comes the new dish called "Pita and Dolmas". This new dish is a vegetarian dish with flavors from the Mediterranean! There are 180 servings, giving you 9 coins per serving and a total of 62 CafĂ© Points. Pita and Dolmas are ready in 4 hours! 

 In Bosnia, hamburgers called pljeskavica are made in a special type of bread named pita bread. Dolma (pl. dolmas or dolmades) is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire and surrounding regions, including Turkey and Cyprus, the Balkans, many Middle Eastern countries, Iran and the Caucasus and Central and South Asia. 

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