Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Facebook: What is a poke

Facebook has been evolving with new features being added and old ones being torn down. There is one feature however that is older than Facebook itself and will never go out of Fashion and no marks for guessing. The poke feature is evergreen and will always remain that way. There is no real "Poke Etiquette" and it's left to each users to uses it however. Looking at the poke button a little closer you see people using it for a variety of reasons. When they see a friend of theirs gone to sleep with no updates. A poke will wake them up. Found an old flame or wanting to light a new one, the poke is used. Kind of reminds you of sitting in school and getting nudged by a friend who wants your attention. Kind of discrete and fun. Everyone uses the poke  because it kind of helps to get your friends attention in a subtle kind of way. especially if you wanna flirt with someone on Facebook a nice way to get their attention is to use the poke option.

The most simplest way to use the poke button is simply say hello.

What happens when you poke someone on Facebook.

1. They receive a poke alert on their Homepage
2. When you get a poke alert you can either "Remove Poke" or "Poke back"
3. Once you hide a poke it is gone forever. Hiding a poke allows your friend to poke you again which is a good thing.

How to poke someone on Facebook

Simply go to that persons profile and right under their photo is the "Poke Friends Name" option that you can use. Once you click on poke, there is a pop=up asking you to confirm that you want to poke this person. Click "Poke". Your Done.

That's all folks!

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