Monday, August 23, 2010

PetVille Enchanted Kingdom

There is a new magic door in your Attic in PetVille. Players who have crossed a minimum level 10 to gain access to the attic and in there are the magic doors. The new Magic Door available is called 'Enchanted Kingdom'. As with all the magic doors to gain access to this new world made out of fairy tales you need to unlock the door. To do this you need keys and simply logging into the game will get you one free key given by PetVille to help you get started. So how do you get key to enter Enchanted Kingdom. You need to ask neighbors to send them to you free. You can start the whole process by sending some keys yourself. You will need 2 blue , 2 red, 2 green, 2 purple, 2 gold and 2 pink keys to unlock this door. Once the door has been unlocked you can then start to build you own enchanted kingdom. The outdoors store has all the new gifts, clothings and decorations you can buy for the enchanted kingdom theme. Sure to get players excited. Many of these enchanted kingdom items are available for coins as well as cash so head over to PetVille and open your new magic door, found in the attic of your pet's home.

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