Wednesday, August 11, 2010

YoVille Cars

Here is a post from Platinum Ninja on the official YoVille blog telling players that Cars are coming soon to YoVille.  The special thing about this announcement is that users will be able to drive around in YoVille with their cars. Now that is something. From the images below you can see cars will be in shades of pink, black and green. 

Always wanted to be able to drive around YoVille? By popular demand that chance will be coming soon! We’ll be releasing some cars for you to be able to travel around town.


Let’s check out a sneak peek of some of the cars soon to come :)


Show off your style! Drive your car anywhere in Yo! This will be an exciting time in YoVille and I expect to see many cars zooming around. More details on how these cars will function in YoVille is soon to come. So stay tuned! *Beep Beep*

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