Saturday, February 26, 2011

Play Tag Team with Dell

So, you want to get yourself a new system and you wanna buy a Dell. How do you choose the best system to suit your requirements and the software to go with you. Well, you just might want to play Tag Team on Dell's Facebook page. Once you click on 'Get Started' you can then start reading reviews by users, you can also share your own and ask for advice and share your unique experiences. Once you join you find the cloud of Tags where you can then search for advice, ask a friend, read and write reviews and share your findings. 

This comes in really helpful when your choosing your new Dell product and you want to now what people are saying it can also be very educational when it comes to making the right choice and the best part of it is that you are on your fav social network and not checking out some consumer magazine. This is a way of connecting directly with Dell and sure brings a lot of clarity. 

Join Dell Tag Team on Facebook now
Connect with Dell on Facebook

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