Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to remove applications from the iPad

After getting your new iPad and going wild in the App Store it is now time to delete Apps you might not really need. With all the new Apps being added everyday this is something that becomes continuous adding and then removing. Once you delete the App from the iPad you must also remember to connect your device to your PC and remove it completely to ensure it does not sync again. If after you delete or remove an App and want it back again you can always login to the Apple App Store and get the App again.

How to delete, uninstall or remove an App from your iPad.

1. Tap on the app you want to remove and hold it down until it starts to wiggle.
2. Tap the 'X' button to delete the App
3. When the Delete prompt appears tap delete. You will be asked if you want to rate the App you can click on either 'Rate' or 'No Thanks'
4. To prevent the App from re-syncing to your iPad. Plug the device into your computer and under the iPad applications tab in iTunes, delete the applications from the sync applications list. 
5. Your done

Remember that once deleted all data created by that App is also deleted. 

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