Monday, July 25, 2011

How to mute a post or thread in Google+

So what exactly is 'Mute a post' on Google+ and how does it work.

As part of the privacy settings in Google plus there is an option called mute this post. After joining Google+ people can add you to circles and start sharing with you. You can choose tho have them share or not. If you are added to a circle and that person shares with the circle there is a post that comes to your stream as well. If you have been added to many people's circles then there will be many post in your stream daily. Now some of these post you may choose not to see and not to follow.You can opt to use the 'Mute this post' option. Once you click on mute this post the entire post will remain hidden. This option is found on the top right-hand corner of each post. You can always undo mute the same post whenever you want by clicking on the 'unmute post'.

Muting a post will hide the entire post or thread and you can undo mute by finding that post again in your stream or by going to the user who shared the post and finding and undo mute it again. The second option is for those who have a large number of people who have added them to their circles. 

How to mute a post or thread in your Google+ stream
There is also another way to mute a post and that is by clicking the small drop-down arrow found on the top right hand corner of each post.

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