Friday, July 8, 2011

How to upload and share photos on Picasa

This video if a cool step-bu-step guide on how to upload and share photos on Picasa. 

How to share photos on Picasa. Picasa is a free photo uploading and sharing site by Google.

1. Go to picasaweb.google.com
2. Login with Google account
3. Click on upload button (top right hand corner)
4. Enter information for the photo album you would like to create
5. Choose whether you want your album private or public. (With private settings you can choose to make it visible to only friends and family etc)
6. Click on continue.
7. Click on 'Choose File' to upload a photo or photos from your computer. Once you choose you file click 'open'.
8. Click on 'Start Upload' to begin the process
9. Click the 'Share' button and enter a person's email address if you want to share with particular person or people.
10. Your done.

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