Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is Owling dangerous?

We covered the entire planking episode on Sociolatte and close on the heels of planking comes the newest internet fad 'Owling'. There is also a definition for Owling that is available. If you have been lying face down with the arms and legs stretched out straight that was planking. Owling is the act of sitting on your haunches and looking off into the distance like an owl. It is a spin-off game from the crazy fad of Planking.

we did write about the dangers of Planking and how people had lost their jobs there have been deaths reported and many arrests. Started of in Australia Planking has really grown in popularity across the globe. The thing that makes Planking dangerous is that people try to outdo each other and tend to plank in dangerous places. This is when it becomes dangerous.

Owling already seems to have that bit of danger to it with people Owling on top of roofs and what not have you. So long as it is a bit of fun and people don't try it in dangerous places it is all ok. So for those who now like to do a little Owling, please ensure that it is done only in a safe place.

Dangerous Planking

Update: After Owling it is now Batting, read out article on it here. Please be sure to leave a comment on what your views.

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