Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is Gmail's Email Intervention and how does it work [Video]

Gmail would like you to stage an 'Email Intervention' and help out a friend who is still stuck using outdated email. How do you decide which email is outdated, the Email Intervention video gives you some examples to decide. Here are a few floppy disks, VHS cassette and portable disc player. Well you get the message and you know the email addresses people used to use during that era. Things have changed now with free voice and video chant being available on Gmail and not on some of those old outdated email services. No names are being mentioned as it is pretty easy to figure it out.

So how does Email Intervention work.

To make things really simple Gmail has a email address for you to go to to start your crusade once here all you need to do is to enter the name of your friend who you do not want left back and enter the email address of your pal. Next enter your name and mail ID and send the mail. Alternatively if you want to  start an intervention for a number of friends you can signin to your account and invite multiple friends to use Gmail. 

This is one campaign from Gmail that would like to ensure long-term users of email make the switch to Gmail. There number of people who created email IDs in the early days are a significant number on the internet. Many of whom have have never moved or never changed their email ID.

So will you use this campaign and what are your thoughts. 

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