Thursday, August 4, 2011

Invite friends via IM or over the web coming to Google+

Google+ engineer Balaji has announced that a new feature is all set to be released in Google+. The abilityn to invite friends by sending them an IM or a link that you can post over the web. You may be wondering what this is good for. If you are not really sure about a friends mail ID or if you want friends who check your profile to be able to invite you. This comes in very handy. Assuming that this link can also be posted to your other social profiles across the web. People who look you up can immediately add you to their circles in Google+. This is very useful and initially will be limited to only 150 people per day. Now with this link you can share you profile across the web and people who would like to stay in touch or be a part of your connections on Google+, will be bale to do so with o difficulty at all.

How will invite friends via IM or Web work
1. Click the invite button on the right-hand side of the page
2. Link available to IM to friends or post on the web

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