Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Social Media helps mobolize Riot Cleanup

#prayforlondon and #riotcleanup are now trending on Twitter. With users repeating not just London but we need to pray for the UK. On Thursday 4th August, Mark Duggan was killed by a shooting incident from a Police firearms officer on Ferry Lane Bridge, near Tottenham Hale Tube. A peaceful protest was held outside a local police station that evening demanding answers as to how it occurred. That night, against the wishes of the family, groups took it upon themselves to begin some of the worst rioting the UK has seen since the 80s. They continued for 5 nights.

Now the cleanup has being and there is a Twitter and a Facebook page for the London cleanup. If you would like to follow the action and organize a cleanup yourself there is a communnity driven site www.londoncleanup.co.uk. You can also organize your own cleanup at http://psocha.co.uk/cleanup/. Soical Media is ablaze with people you want to cleanup the mess and show the looters and rioters how much public support they actually have. There is also a tumblr account 'Catch a Looter', that is collating images of all looters. You can upload images of looters over here. The R.I.P Mark Duggan Page on Twitter is also advising people to be community minded and help the homeless and old in Tottenham. So far there has been one fatality. The cleanup has begun. 

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