Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is Google Call Phone and how does it work

The good news about Google Call Phones is that if you see a little green phone icon show up in your chat list in Gmail that would mean it is available in your country. Google Call Phones was first launched in the US and Canada where calling any mobile or landline was free and international calls available at very cheap rates. Google has since expanded this services to include 38 new languages and many other countries internationally. These calls are a lot less that what you would normally pay if you are living in a country other that the US and Canada, on the lines of $0.02 /minute. Calls will remain free in the US and Canada for the rest of 2011.

With Google Call Phone you can now call all your friends and families on their personal phones, right from your Gmail chat window. There is no more the need for both people to be sitting at a computer anymore. 

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