Monday, September 12, 2011

BO.LT: How does it work

BO.LT A more interesting way to share that is the first sentence that greets you when you land on the page. This is a fantastic new idea on sharing and creating. With the site you can add any link you want to share with your usual audience on Twitter or Facebook, with one key difference. Before you share the page you can edit it and add your comments. Yes, you can share your favorite NYPOST article but this time your headline can be in place of the post's headline. You can also edit anywhere you want and delete or add. Once you done and you are satisfied with your handiwork you can share it with your pals and ask them to give you feedback.

How does it work

Now once you start and get the hang of it you can become a curator and create a collection of such pages and call them your own. Once you have a collection of pages you can start remixing them and create your own style and flow. So you can use content already available online and crate your own twists and turns. This is one cool site you can use to play around with content and personalize it. All links are shared via Sharethis and therefore all likes are shortened, no problem sharing on Twitter. You need to play around with this and see for yourself, it is really fun.

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