Saturday, September 17, 2011

Transfer your delicious bookmarks by Sep 23 or loose them forever

The good news first Delicious as we have known it has now been bought by the guys who founded YouTube (Chad Hurley and Steve Chen). Created as a social bookmarking tool they intend the site to remain the same. Since buying the tie from Yahoo, we can expect some interesting changes and upgrades in the future. The Duo can can be expected to transform the site into something good given their credibility in this field and in the market.

Now if you do not want to loose all those bookmarks you have been using over the years and the ones you have come to trust you need to login to Delicious and transfer or export them. To do so please login here. This would need to be done by Sep 23 or you will loose your bookmarks forever.

This is what is found on the page. It would surely seem that a lot of social is going to be infused into Delicious.

Delicious is social bookmarking:

All your bookmarks in one place

Bookmark things for yourself and friends

Check out what other people are bookmarking

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