Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All users that are logged in will be redirected to Google Secure Search

Google has announced that all users who have logged in to Google will be automatically redirected to Google Secure Search - Notice the extra 'S' - HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, which provides encrypted communication and secure identification of a network web server. This means that all your searches will get encrypted and will not be shared with other networks. For those who do not login to their Google Account the old search would still be available.

For signed-in users this would mean two things. Their search terms would remain private and the results provided by Google would also be private. This will effect webmasters in the sense that when you searhc for a particulr term and the results page include one of our pages. The when you click on it we get to you know that you found us through Google, we also get to know what search term you used. Now site and blog owners will no more be able to do so. 

For those users using an unsecured internet connection like a Wi-Fi hotspot in an Internet Cafe, this will help protect your email account. Google also says that this move comes as part of an effort to increase privacy and security of your web searches.

Source: Google Blog

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