Thursday, October 20, 2011

Facebook: How to completely remove all your information

Facebook has a provision for those who have deleted their accounts on FB and no longer wish to receive any further communication from them. With this feature you can also ensure that Facebook does not store any of your information in their systems. The only thing that will be left once you do this is your mail ID, which Facebook requires in order to stop sending you information. This email ID will need to be stored with Facebook as this is what they need to identify you and ensure that no more correspondence is sent your way.

Before that if you are a Facebook user who would like to permanently delete your account you will need to go here to do so. If you do that you can further instruct the service to not store any of your information. 

If you want to completely walk-away from Facebook and you do not even want your email ID stored to be used in their 'Do Not Mail' list. You will need to use the form available here to completely quiet the system. 

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