Sunday, October 23, 2011

View how your Site or Blog appears on Mobile, TV, Tablets and Desktops

If you are a website or blog owner you always want to know how your site or blog appears on various devices. The web no more belongs to the PC. There are newer and newer devices being released. Your site or blog must look proper on PCs Laptops, Mobile Devices, Tablets and TV. To get the most of your site design you need to be sure that it appears nice and looks good on all devices. To compromise on any one would mean you loose that audience and as every webmaster would know every visitor is important. 

Screenfly lets you view your site or blog on various displays. You can choose between notebooks and desktops of various screen sizes. Check you site on the iPad Motorola Zoom and others. See how your site appears on the iPhone, Nexus, BlackBerry and Motorola RAZR. You can also check TV displays and choose between HD and normal. Screenfly is brought to you by Quirktools

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