Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Steve Jobs' Car Never Had Number Plates

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There are many rumors found online that will give you reasons as to why Steve Jobs' car never had number plates. There are many theories and speculations floating around. This however acccording to iTWire is the real reason why his car never had number plates. Steve discovered a loophole in the vehicle laws in the state of California. With the generosity displayed in California owners of new cars had six months time to get their issued number plates affixed to their vehicles. Steve who always wanted to think different and be different did this. He made an arrangement with a leasing company that he would always change cars within the six months of the lease,  exchanging one silver Mercedes SL55 AMG for another identical one. This was discovered after spending an hour with Jon Callas, CTO of Entrust, who in the past worked two stints at Apple in various senior security roles.

This created a win-win-situation for everyone involved. The leasing company always had a luxury car which was previously driven and owned by Steve Jobs. You can only imagine a buyer who sees the car which might have only clocked around 2,000 miles and the seller saying Steve sat in it only this morning. 

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