Wednesday, November 16, 2011

buffer to share your Twitter and Facebook updates in a scheduled manner

You know you stand to loose Twitter followers if you continuously keep posting updates. The same can be said for Facebook too. No one like their news feed or timeline choked with posts from one single users only. If you are a person who loves sharing and cannot resist the urge to share everything you find on the net with your pals, buffer can help you. buffer used to offer only Twitter support but now support from this web app is available for Facebook also. Which includes Facebook pages, so if you need to updated your Facebook pages then buffer can schedule your updates.

This is also a lesson for many a Twitter newbie. How often should you share Tweets? with your fans and followers. The answer is you can share however often you want but ensure that your not Twitter jamming your followers timeline. buffer on the other hand will store all the updates you want to send to people and post them at proper intervals so as to ensure that your feed is updated regularly but not in a manner that is deemed too much.So you this service to schedule your Tweets though the day. buffer can be used anywhere on the web or on your mobile. Analytics are also available for all your posts to measure their impact. 


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