Saturday, November 12, 2011

Facebook Name Policy including how to add an alternate name

It seems when it comes to real names and real identities all social networks are fussy about the same thing. In fact Google+ came under a lot of fire because they only allowed people on the network with their real names. Pseudonymous were not allowed, of course it has changed now and some amount of lenience has been allowed. In fact Facebook has the same policy and insists on users actually using their real names. In fact there are a couple of things that are not allowed in names. For example you cannot use symbols, numbers, military titles, offensive words or nicknames in the place of middle names.

In fact you can use your nickname as your first or middle name only if it is a variation of your real name. If however people in the real world know you by your nickname of maiden name there is the provision to add an alternate name. You can have two names and this comes in handy for many people who might have been born with one name but are called something else by their friends and relatives.

How to add an alternate name on Facebook

1. Login to Facebook

2. Click on down arrow next to home

3. Click on Account Settings 

4. Click on 'Edit' beside your name

5. Enter your alternate name

6. Click save changes and you're done.

Source: Facebook help

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