Thursday, November 17, 2011

Facebook Subscribers Settings: How to adjust and manage

If you are one of those people who have allowed subscribers, there there are certain settings you would need to be aware of to make you life more comfortable. For those of you who are new to Facebook Subscribe we already have some guide to help you get started.

To know more about Facebook Subscribe please click here
To add a Facebook subscribe button to your profile please click here
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Ok, so if you have the Facebook Subscribe button on your profile and are being followed by people here are a few hints to help manage your subscribers
How to access your Subscribers 'Edit Settings' page
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your name which brings up your profile
3. Click on 'Subscribers' found below your photo
4. Click on 'edit settings' which appears on the top right-hand corner

You have the below 4 options to use
1. Subscribers: You can allow or disallow subscribers at anytime by using the drop-down and choosing between on or off.
2. Comments: You can choose to allow anyone to comment or only friends on only friends of friends.
3. Notifications: Decide whose activity you would like to be notified about. This is for your Subscribers only. Choose between everyone, friends of friends and no one. Even though these are people who are following you Facebook will stills end you activity notifications about your subscribers. Use this options to turn if off.
4. Friend Requests: Tick this box to limits only people who are friends of your friends to be able to follow you. 

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