Sunday, November 13, 2011

FarmVille: How to find and add neighbors without being friends

FarmVille is all about how many people you're connected with and therefore the more neighbors you have the better. The more free gifts you can send and receive. FarmVille have released an update to help you find and add neighbors without being friends on FarmVille. 

How to add neighbors without being friends on FarmVille
1. Login to FarmVille
2. Click on Add Neighbors
3. A list appears and you can start adding. This feature is also know as FarmVille friends.


How to add neighbors through 'Add Me' invites
There are a couple of places you can go to to do this
1. The official Zynga forums for FarmVille have an 'Add me' section you can go here and paste a link to your Facebook profile or for other people to find and add you. This is the old traditional route and you find a lot of serious gamers who do this.
2. You can also visit the FarmVille fan page on Facebook and leave a link to your profile for others to find and add you. Alternately you can also add a whole bunch of people who have added a link to their profile.


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