Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Internet Meme: Oprah running away from things!

Just when you think 2011 might have had its share of memes comes a new one. This time it is Oprah and it has her running away from things. 

How it all began

Oprah tweeted a photo of herself last week, showing her walking over hot coals with motivational speaker tony Robbins cheering from the sidelines. The photo is fun but Oprah's gestures, the way she's walking with her arms swinging was something else. This photo can be morphed with various images to create a cool meme that provides hours of internet fun. You can create your own and have fun with this meme. 


The dear folk at BuzzFeed made it possible by providing a template to make your own meme and grow it into a full-fledged meme. You can head-over to Buzzfeed adn create your own

Here are a few image of the meme also known as Oprah Firewalker picture

The Originial

Use this to create your own

To view more check the video below

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