Monday, November 14, 2011

iTunes match how to turn on or enable

iTunes Match is now available via an iTunes update. There has been some delay but iTunes Match is now ready for you in install and enjoy. iTunes Match is the option that lets you play all your music on all your devices. It will also match all your songs with good quality soundtracks and replace your music with original stuff. The way this is done is that iTunes Match saves all your music in the could and therefore is accessible on all your devices an time you choose. Comes with an annual subscription fee of course $24.99/year. We have already done a post of how iTunes Match works which can be found here

Note: Once you enable iTunes Match all your locally stored music will be replaced with iCloud tracks.
How to enable, turn on or start iTunes Match
1. Once you download  iTunes 10.5.1 update it will be accessible

2. in iOS 5 navigate to settings ==> music and turn on iMatch
3. You can then use the option 'Show all music'. with this option you can see all your original music along with iCloud tracks. You can then download iCloud tracks by tapping the cloud that appears next to it. When you turn off 'Show all music' only music that has been downloaded will be shown.

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