Sunday, November 13, 2011

LunchMeet will arrange for you to have lunch with your LinkedIn contacts

The makes of this app say that it has been inspired by the best-selling book 'Never eat alone'. There is a truth to this whole thing especially if you are serious about networking with your LinkedIn contacts. This app will come in handy for recruiters, people getting started in their careers and entrepreneurs. The built using the LinkedIn API promises to be able to set up meaningful face-to-face conversations with contacts who could prove useful to you. It's one thing to meet and network on LinkedIn and quiet another to take those contacts to the next level with a face to face meeting.

How does LunchMeet work. 
The way this App works is that you sign-in with your current location, let the App know where you will be available and when and let it search among your contacts for people who would also be available at that time. You can then invite people for lunch/drinks and build your networking contacts.

The App is free to download from iTunes and can be used on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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