Friday, November 4, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg Founder and CEO of Facebook is 9th most powerful person in the world

Image: Forbes

Forbes have come up with their most powerful list of people for the year 2011. You are not going to believe who is at number 9. Well the title already says who it is but it just makes you think at the power that belongs to 'Mark Zuckerberg'. These 4 factors are considered before a person appears on this list.

1. Number of people the person has power over. So a CEO will have employees as his numbers.

2. Financial resources controlled by each person

3. Is the candidate influential in more than one Arena or Sphere.

4. How actively do they wield their power.

This brings Mark Zuckerberg to 9th place. All of us are a part of Facebook, well mostly everyone. There are those who gave up or never joined at all. The rest of us belong to his kingdom and his majesty seems to be really powerful. Forbes to state that he more powerful than even the Dalai Lama. 

Social Media has grown in leaps and bounds and here is proof. Mark Zuckerberg is the King of Social Media and those of us who use Facebook are his subjects.

Source: Cnet

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