Thursday, November 24, 2011

Scam Alert: New Facebook Hack Tells You Your Account Is Going to Be Deleted

Image: Net Security

There is a new Facebook scam being reported. What happens is that users get an email in their Inbox telling them that their 'Facebook Account is Disabled'. The reason being given is that you have violated the network's policies. This has tricked many users into clicking the link associated with this mail and then been taken to a phishing page which then asks you for important information. The page also asks uses to enter the first 6 digits of their credit card number. 

The scam is also very cleverly disguised and tells users that their account needs to be verified to make sure no one is using their account without their permission. This takes a few minutes the form says and gets users to fill in personal information that can be used later for fraudulent activities and to scam friends of friends.

This scam also has another spin-off which is basically using Facebook's very security feature that tell users that their account is being accessed from a different geographical location. To verify and keep your account you will need to enter personal info. Do not give any personal information over mail and Facebook and other services will not ask you for credit card information in an email. So if you get an email telling you that your account has been compromised and is going to be deleted. Simple delete that email as it it is a total scam.


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