Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video: Anonymous Threatens To Kill Facebook #Operation Fawkes Virus

Anonymous are at it again with the threat to shutdown and kill Facebook. The hacktervist group have always said that they distrusted Facebook privacy policies and were against it. The group had previously threatened the same thing but nothing happened. This time they have posted a new video on YouTube with their threats rejuvenated and their operation against Facebook is being called "#Operation Fawkes Virus'. This comes soon after Facebook have acknowledged that the service has been hacked and yes images of violence and porn have been posted on users profiles. This has led to a lot of embarrassing moments for many of Facebook's users. In the video Anonymous says that 'Your beloved social network has recently become a place of sex, violence, anarchy and chaos'. 'And yes we will kill Facebook for real'. You can check out Anonymous on Twitter here

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